Myers-Briggs Foundation Re-brand

The Problem

The Myers-Briggs Foundation is an organization that administers a universal personality test, and offers services that help people work with their results. Since the Foundation was established, multiple outside personality test services have been created independently of them, taking away the value of the principles Myers-Briggs was founded on. Their competitors, including, have modern layouts and design trends, whereas the MBF's website was outdated with low-res images flat layouts. My mission was to create a modern, innovative brand identity that would take their image to 2019 and bring back appreciation and understanding of Myers-Briggs.

The Solution

The re-brand began with a new logo, which includes geometric serifs contrasting with timeless sans serifs to keep an original element. The bright color palette and gradients speak to the generally uplifting goals of Myers-Briggs. I re-designed their website to be highly scrollable, as to tell a story, as well as print materials to serve as brand activation and brand awareness.

Brand Identity

Website design

Print materials

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