The Problem

Marg-it is a food truck selling margaritas and other cocktails from the Boston area, as well as a mobile margarita locator. Marg-it serves two functions: a catering company/food truck for special events, and an advertising business for local restaurants and bars. These local businesses can submit their info and cocktail recipes to be sold by Marg-it, and customers can book Marg-it for any event from company parties to backyard BBQs to city-wide festivals.

Marg-it needed a fresh logo and identity that would serve both the food and advertising industries. They needed a bright and user-friendly app design to provide simplicity in a crowded marketplace.

The Solution

In developing Marg-it's brand identity, I aimed to connect the ideas of leisure and business. I did this by incorporating a wifi symbol to signify connectivity across industries, and a margarita graphic to show the flavor, texture and color in a way that would make people crave one. I also wanted to evoke the feeling of summertime, shown in the gradient, color palette and wave-like typeface.

Brand identity development

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